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Vacancy For ECA Coordinator

Note: Sorry, this vacancy is already closed!!!


Minimum graduate in any discipline. Candidate must have an all-round ability to conduct, organize and host programmes for college students. He/she needs to have a working knowledge of and interest in indoor and outdoor activities; especially games, sports and athletic disciplines.

Roles and Responsibility of ECA Coordinator: 

  1. Preparing schedule for various co-curricular and extracurricular activities class for the entire academic session.
  2. ECA class division as per the interest of students, monitoring ECA classes, ECA syllabus and ECA instructors’ class performance.

  3. Maintaining the attendance register of ECA instructors and the students enrolled in the ECA class.

  4. Preparing the salary statement of ECA Instructors and correspond with the HR regarding their pay roll.

  5. Dividing the students proportionately into four different houses; Garnet, Emerald, Moonstone and Sapphire.

  6. Planning and organizing intra-college, inter-college and inter-house sports and extracurricular activities competition.

  7. Forming student body, Student Council appointing Class Representative, House Representative and Batch President through election campaign and voting.

  8. Planning and organizing college functions such as Fresher’s Welcome, Farewell Program, Youth Fest / College Carnival, Award Ceremony, Investiture Ceremony, Mufti Day, etc.

  9. Preparing the financial statement of every program organized and report to the college management.

  10. Planning and organizing community service, social campaign and charity programs.

  11. Planning and organizing field trips, excursion (domestic and foreign), adventurous trip such as trekking, hiking, rafting, cycling etc. (note: an element of service/volunteering/education must be present in any trip.)

  12. Seek prior approval from college management before planning activities to be

  13. Supervising the Literary Club and IT Club in order to publish the College Newsletter and annual magazine.

  14. Maintaining the student discipline and code of conduct inside the college premises.

  15. Maintaining the record keeping of every students regarding their involvement and achievement in extracurricular activities competition.

  16. Encouraging the students to be associated with the Duke of Edinburg Award (DofE) and support them with necessary needs.

  17. Timely follow up with the DofE Group Leaders to ensure that they are in close coordination with the DofE assessors.

  18. Coordinating with the concerned DofE Group Leaders and prepare the necessary paper work and recommendation for the ‘Duke of Edinburg Award’.

  19. Corresponding with the Transportation In charge as and when a need for transportation service arises.

  20. Planning and organizing orientation program.

  21. Anchoring in the College Functions and Programs.

  22. Pre and post reporting about every plan inaction to the Executive Director and Academic Head and work as per the advices and instructions given.

  23. To observe at least one class of each ECA per month and to make report on the ECA.

  24. To observe and ensure that the given ECA curriculum is being followed and progress is constantly tracked.

  25. To ensure that all ECA instructors are present during parent-teacher meetings and to update the parents about ECA.

  26. Have at least one meeting with all ECA instructors per month and to report the minutes to the college management.

  27. To maintain a duty record file of all ECA instructors along with the list of materials that has been handed over to the instructors.

  28. To keep stock and check the condition of all ECA equipment and to prepare purchase order accordingly when necessary to replenish old equipment.

  29. To foster an environment for all ECA activities to run smoothly and in accordance with the GIHE rules and regulations as guided by the GIHE code of conduct.